Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The children of Colonia Puerto Morelos need OUR help!

Increase the Balance in Your Karma Bank!

A note from Elizabeth Gregg at Elimar Properties

Dear Good Friends, Mario and I have been living in Playa Paraiso for 3 years. Our house keeper Viki Perez has been with us since day one. She not only helps 2 busy Realtors by keeping our house clean but she has also helped a new mom (me) raise our beautiful 2 year old daughter Leila. Vicki has been through several health crisis and many personal family hardships in the time we have known her and we have always done the most we could to help her in every way possible. Viki means a lot to us.

Last year she told us about an event in Colonia Puerto Morelos (West-Side of 307). Every December 24th the town gets together to give each child under 5 years of age a Christmas gift. Most of the children will not receive anything in their home, Viki told us........"...its just a little way to show the children that someone cares." She doesn´t have enough to create a recognized affiliated event, so its just a group of neighbors who do their best. Last year she was embarrassed to ask for help and many of the little ones were turned away without a gift! Its difficult to hold back tears when you think of those sad little faces.

Viki has spent time and effort all year long to make it different this year. Part of her work has been to collect aluminum cans. She has been doing that for quite some time and last week when she brought them to recycling they only gave her $650 Moneda Nacional. Can you imagine what kind of a person she is? She still needs so much herself and finds it in her heart to try to make a difference for others!

So here´s the situation:

We need 300 gifts. 150 boys gifts, 150 girls gifts. I figure I can round up maybe a hundred between my friends and family but that will not be enough. Here is where I need your help: Its your chance to Increase the Balance in Your Karma Bank! Its so easy, next time you are in Wal-Mart, Sam´s or Mega, pick up a $5 to $10 gift for a boy or girl. Then wrap it and write Niño or Niña on it and bring it to my office! You can even buy more than one! We have about 3 weeks so lets work together to make sure not one child is left behind this Christmas Eve in Colonia Puerto Morelos! If anyone feels like they can do more give me a call. 998-185-9885

From our Family to yours, Merry, Merry Christmas Eli Gregg

Elimar Properties


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Eileen Gregg-Garcia said...

Dear Lisa,
Thank you for the letter. We all need to remeber the most important reasons for the season. We here stateside tend to get caught up in the gift giving and recieving of Christmas that we sometimes loose sight of the real people in need. Thank you for keeping it in perspective.
I love you!
Eileen Gregg-Garcia