Saturday, November 04, 2006

Will MLS Get it's 300th Listing Today?

It’s 6:30am, Saturday Morning in Playa del Carmen Mexico. It's a bit cloudy outside but it's super sunny inside! What do I mean?

Well, today is the day we go over 300 listings.

Yeah, we have 297 listings posted right now. So yeah, I am sure of it. Each day, real estate sales agents post more listings and everyday we get inquiries from Riviera Maya brokers and sales agents who want to join and are joining. It’s all very exciting frankly.

I think MLS 4 Rivera Maya has truly provided a solution for both buyers and sellers that really works. It’s just all very exciting. We really think that by the end of the year, MLS 4 Rivera Maya will have over 500 real estate sales and rental listings if not more and have listings in the thousands by 1st Quarter 2007. With our growing market, that is extremely reasonable.

In fact, TM Real Estate Group, a huge residenial developer in Spain, will be posting over 100 listings this month alone as they release their big project of condos in Playa del Carmen. Yeah, Miguel Angel Rico, Director of Sales, was in our offices this week learning all about how to use MLS to his advantage. They are building over 250 condo units in Playa del Carmen to be released in phases. Of course, we will run the story. He invited us to his grand opening on Nov. 16th at the Royal Gran Porto Real. So we hope to see all of you there.

Oh, and Sally Wood Evans from Coldwell Banker in Puerto Aventuras is signing up this week and so much more. So yeah, we are excited. But let’s take one step at a time. For now, Let’s go 300! Bring it on!

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