Monday, November 13, 2006

Top 5 Web Sites for Real Estate in the Riviera Maya

Search Engine Saturation and Link Popularity Ratings Posted

Top 5 Riviera Maya Real Estate Sites Rated by Search Engines Highlighted

by J.P. Money

There problaby is not a definitive "best" web site as most web sites provide information on the Riviera Maya Real Estate Market that buyers can use in a collective fashion. However, we can efficiently rate the web sites in terms of exposure on the search engines. To do this, we used a 3rd party tool from that anyone can use. Here's what we found...

Winners! TOP 5 Sites *

Links 3972, Pages Indexed 2199, Total 6171

Links 2869, Pages Indexed 1820, Total 4689

Links 3565, Pages Indexed 426, Total 3991

Links 1357, Pages Indexed 2335, Total 3692

Links 240, Pages Indexed 2534, Total 2774

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* (as of 11/13/06)

We rated each site in our test for LINK POPULARITY and SEARCH ENGINE SATURATION. We gathered up the the numbers and added them up for total score signifing it's rating. We conducted the test on Monday November 13th between 9am and 10:30am.

For the Link Popularity Test, we omitted the links that are included within the domain of the site we are checking. This action eliminates self links so that we get a more accurate picture as to the real number of links that other sites post for the site in question.

For the test, we only used sites that predominately promote real estate in the Riviera Maya and not other locations. In other words, if the site just has posted some real estate in the Riviera Maya and mainly promoted other areas or even tours, news, and things in addition to real estate, they were not considered exclusive for Riviera Maya Real Estate and thus were not rated.

Link Popularity Check Test Explained

Widexl designed their link popularity tool for anyone to check link popularity from websites. The Link Popularity analysis script searches Google, AltaVista, MSN, HotBot, Lycos to determine how many pages are linking to the web page. Many search engines today are ranking web sites by the number of sites linking to them. Link Popularity analysis is also important for a high keyword search engines page ranking and PageRank. Take a link popularity analysis and check your link popularity against that from your competitors.

Click here to take the LINK POPULARITY TEST -

Search Engine Saturation Test Explained

Search Engine Saturation refers to the number of pages from your website domain a search engine has indexed on the search engines.


* Disclaimer: Remember the net is a living thing and keeps moving. Thus, your results will differ slightly over the posted results. That is very normal. The writer of this article is the host of Let's Talk Real Estate Podcast and is related to the owners of MLS 4 Riviera Maya and Riviera Maya Real Estate News. The results were taken 100% from

Okay, so what do you think about this test? What are your conclusions? We invite you to Post your opinions into our Riviera Maya Real Estate Forum and gives us your feedback. Which sites do you like the most? And Why?

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