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Tips on Furnishing Your Vacation Property in the Riviera Maya

You've Purchased Your Vacation Condo, now what? Learn how to make the connections that get things done here in Playa del Carmen from one of the area's top professionals.

Remember, Rome Was Not Built In a Day!

by Elizabeth Gregg

Let´s face it. Most of us aren´t interior designers. So when you purchase your new home or condo in the Mexican Riviera you realize, " Now I have to furnish this!" In most of our past experiences with properties we have grown accostomed to moving to a new home with at least some furniture and belongings from the previous one, making it somewhat easier to decorate.

Five years ago when we purchased our first property here in the Riviera Maya of Mexico it came with no appliances, air-conditioning was not installed (not included), no overhead fixtures/ceilling fans and no toilet seat covers! Imagine the quagmire with rusty Spanish to have to search all over Cancun for everthing from ceiling fans to towel bars not to mention the furniture. After that we had to hire a moving truck to haul all of our stuff back to Playa del Carmen or wait to have it delivered. Whew! Just remembering that experience makes me break out in a sweat.

Thankfully, developers have come a long way in that appliances are usually included in new construction along with AC and fixtures installed. Also, there is so much convenience and selection for furniture, fixtures, appliances, art, home accessories, custom services, plants, home electronics, rugs......and the list goes on.

When we first opened our office here in Playa del Carmen we had to take clients everywhere to help them furnish their homes. Now its so easy, you just have to hit the Highway 307 and wander back and forth between the North and South ends of Playa del Carmen and you can practically find everything you need...even if your Spanish is not perfect!

Our Favorites

-Furniture-Munde de Arte, Muebla, Altimus, Azcue, Casa Latina, Detagglio
-Custom Furniture-Exotic Wood-Ricardo Lugo
-Aluminum Doors-Aluminio Del Caribe ( they can install new or repair any issues with sliding doors or screens)
-Mosaics and Custom Glass-Gastón Taborda, Carretera Federal Cancún-Tulum, frente a 1° entrada Playacar Playa del Carmen(77712), Quintana Roo, México
Telefax: 984-206-2994 / mail:
- Appliances-Sams or Telebodega
- Home Electronics-Costco (they have the most convenient return policy)
- Art-Just look around...there are galleries everywhere! Contact us for info on our favorite artists!
- Computers-Costco
- Mattresses-Telebodega or Sears
- Bedding/Towels-For sheets Sams or Costco. For decorative bedding sets unfortunately you still have to buy it in your country...we reccomend: Pottery Barn-lightweigh summer quits, Company Store-same
- Plants and Trees-Vivero Los Pinos
- Handyman Services-Info available upon request
- Outdoor Furniture-Sams or Costco
- Garden Maintenance-Info available upon request
- Pool Maintenance-Info available upon request
- Pest Control-Info available upon request
- Monex-Banking and wire transfer service. Scotia Bank has the shortest wait in line


- Makesure cash withdrawal limit on bank card is at least $1000 per day
- The best deals are when you pay cash
- Factories and small stores don't take credit
- No one takes checks unless its from a local account
- Familiarize yourself with the money and how it relates to US dollars (even if you are not American)
- Make a good friend who is willing to help you locally (speaks fluent spanish)
- Don't hesitate to ask for a discount, especially when you purchase many items from one store
- If money is wired to you at Monex, tell the sender to make sure they send it to the full name on your passport (including your middle name)
When picking up a money wire, bring a copy of passport and drivers license to leave there
- Tremendous help: a local cell phone so you can make calls when you need to, if yours works here be careful of roaming charges
- Check with airline on how many cases you are allowed... usually you are allowed 2. Fill those with BEDDING (Not sheets) (plan your bed sizes in advance).
- Even if you don't like buying on credit, bring a dependable credit card with an ample limit
- Make sure you have the phone number to your bank/banker handy in case of emergency
- Keep all your receipts so you can verify deliveries
- Know your address or be able to draw a map of your location
- Have an email address and give it out, check email daily
- Important: If your Spanish is not fluent…carry a dictionary.

The most important thing…is that Rome wasn´t built in a day and neither will your house be furnished that quickly. Your new beach residence should be a reflection of your personality and that will probably take a bit of time. Good Luck, and feel free to contact us for information or real estate advice!

Elizabeth Gregg is broker/owner of Elimar Properties in Playa del Carmen.

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