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This Week in Riviera Maya Real Estate - week ending 11-24-2006

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This Week in Riviera Maya Real Estate

News from the Week Ending 11/24/2006
  1. - Realtors Report Business has Picked Up Significantly in the Riviera Maya
  2. - Local Youth American Football Team Goes Undefeated Sponsored by Local Realtors
  3. - New Sales Manager Hired at Riviera Realtors
  4. - MLS 4 Riviera Maya Reports Big Growth in New Listings Posted
Elizabeth Gregg from Elimar Properties, a new MLS 4 Riviera Maya member has just received several new juicy listings. Elizabeth says she will post them on MLS 4 Riviera Maya this coming week. "I just recieved them a few hours ago....I have to process and then post them. Business is booming here and we are so's great. The high season is here!" says Elizabeth

Don Rhodes from Caribe Properties also reports a significant increase in activity in his office as does Clark Kent of Remax-Playa in Playa del Carmen. Clark says "the walk-in traffic has increased big time..super busy here in the office".

In Akumal, Pamela DiOrio of Luna Maya Real Estate reports that Akumal is at almost 100% occupancy and that walk in traffic has been great. "Hopefully this is a precursor to what will be our best season ever" says an upbeat Pamela.

Sally Wood Evans of Coldwell Banker in Puerto Aventuras is currently in Philadelphia visiting family for the Thanksgiving Holiday. "I just saw the movie Bobby and I am visiting with my Dad" reports Sally "It's great visiting family for the holidays. I wanted to get up here in Philly just to say hello before I got back to Puerto Aventuras and bunkered in for the high season. Our office is ready and we are rolling. I will be back in a few days" reports Sally.

Amber Pierce-Schulz from Mayan Riviera Properties reports a new 9 unit Luxury 2 bed 2 bath Pre-Sale Condominium in Puerto Morelos coming on the market December 1st. "We will post this listing on MLS 4 Riviera Maya as soon as it's released.

Shawn Bandick and Jorge Penkoff, of One Stop Real Estate, have donated a significant amount of funds to assist the American Youth Football Team here in Playa del Carmen. The club team is called the Playa del Carmen Caballeros. They started from the Collegio Ingles school in Playa del Carmen and now have grown to include kids from many area schools. The midget team is currently undefeated in league play after 6 games and have already qualified for the playoffs. "We are competing against the more established teams in Cancun and winning to their shock" says proud sponsor Shawn. "This is important for our new community of kids" says Jorge "They learn leadership skills, teamwork, and coooperation under adversity, just like we deal with here in Real Estate. It's mission critical that we give back to our community so that our future is stablized and secure". "With community support, kids who would not normally be able to afford it can now play. It's good to give back from that which we take. It's right" Shawn adds. The teams play club teams from Cancun to Merida weekly. In the picture above, that's Shawn and Jorge with their kids - Riley Bandick 13 (Fullback) and Ricardo Penkoff (14) Quarterback. If you would like to contribute to the American Football Team club here in Playa del Carmen, contact Shawn or Jorge anytime.

Ricardo Barton, partner at Riviera Realtors reports that they hve hired Shanna Giannakis as their new sales manager. "She's a rising star in our industry" says Ricardo. Bernie Gaertner, sales agent from Riviera Realtors says " Congratulations Shanna!!! Everyone agrees that the brief time you have spent here at Riviera Realtors, it has made a significant and positive change here at the office. From all of us at Riviera Realtors! Congratulations! " Read Shanna's Story here.

Judi Shaw of Remax-Playa reports that she has taken her first deposit on the brand new Xcalacoco Beach Resort project just north of Playa del Carmen and is closing on a condo this week. She also reports that her dog Vicky got away this week only to be brought back by a friend. "Phew that was close.....Vicky is so rambucous" says Judi, who is part of the animal rescue community here in Playa del Carmen and works with the local animal shelters. "One real important thing that I have noticed is that brokers and agents are working with one another superbly at a high level of integrity that I have never seen before" reports Judi. "It is impressive and I really think that this new way of thinking is really working it's way up to beneift all of us and ultimately our buyer. It's just great" says Judi

MLS 4 Riviera Maya welcomes new members Ernesto Riquelme, owner of Remax-Playa and past President of AMPI, Aldo Juarez of Coldwell Banker Real Estate Caribbean Realty in Puerto Aventuras, Elizbeth Gregg of Elimar Properties in Playa del Carmen, and Daniel Reyes of Riviera Realty in Puerto Aventuras.

MLS 4 Riviera Maya announces that it now has over 360 listings posted from 31 agents in the Riviera Maya. "We are so proud to offer our agents an added avenue to the internet superhighway" says Betty Ontiveros, manager. "In fact, we are extending our 90 day free trial offer until Nov. 30th of this month so that those agents that are ready to join can take advantage of this no obligation offer just in time for the high season. We want to get this high season rolling forward as fast as possilble for our real estate community. We are working 7 days a week to get the word out and it's been great. We just have to keep up the energy and continue to do good as we enjoy our lovely caribbean life here in the Riviera Maya".

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