Monday, November 06, 2006



Scott Colemere of Colemere Realty Associates, Salt Lake City, UT attended the seminar I did for the Salt Lake Board recently. He sent along this anecdote:

"Thanks for a great seminar last Thursday and Friday in Salt Lake City. You asked me to send you an email to share with your newsletter readers and students detailing my experiences using technology in the Real Estate business.

"I was sitting in your class enjoying your discussion on using technology, and just as you held up your PDA phone to show the class, I received an email on my combo PDA phone. It was a referral from another agent for a buyer in the area. I would not have otherwise received and responded to the request without the speed and convenience of the mobile technology you were suggesting that each student own. I just wanted to let you know that I am a true believer in the use of technology that one understands and uses, and I appreciate your efforts to educate the industry to its value."

I love Scott's story, as it points out the value of using today's technology. This might be a good time to list for you the top 10 moneymaking tech tools used by my CyberStars®, and for you to take stock of how many you use in your business!

Here, in order of their money-making ability, are the top 10 tech tools my CyberStars® use:

Personal Web site
Notebook or tablet pc
Real estate specific database
Digital camera
PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)
Blogs & pod casts
AgencyLogic Power Sites
IF you don't have these..private coaching. One-on-one, build your business.


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