Saturday, November 18, 2006

Coffee Talk with J.P. Money

It’s 6am on Saturday and I am just contemplating what Riviera Maya Real Estate News and MLS 4 Riviera Maya are doing and just absorbing all the feedback we received from agents and fans this past week at the XCalaCoco Beach Resort Party hosted by TM Real Estate Group and frankly, I am just personally super pleased with what is transpiring here - totally surprised bit it all….

The world class comments received from all has been overwhelmingly. The “thank you’s” and the “you guys are doing so great” along with “we tell all our clients to visit your sites” and so much more world class comments from agents shows the class, tremendous enthusiasm, and propensity for good will from agents around the Riviera Maya truly have. Yeah, people are rooting for our success – how cool is that?

More, it also tells me that this group of people are leaders and drive markets. After talking with them one quickly realizes how smart and super they are. You know, I really hate it when sales pros get that “he’s just a salesman” rap from some who choose to make fun of or condemn…’s so weird because sales people drive the markets and making things happen. They are totally fun people who get it! To me, The Sales Profession is one the greatest in the world. Its drives it all! I am kinda of thinking that, as a collective group, our agents have been a bit under marketed and under appreciated. In fact, we are making it part of our mission to catapult this fine group of market movers into the media stratosphere. Okay, maybe not that far but yeah, we are going to throw them up on the net and let their core values of moving and shaking speak for themselves. I love it! I really think that’s a good function we provide. Betty and I are thrilled to provide this conduit as that’s our best energy to give.

Frankly, we truly and sincerely thank you to all for accepting us into the community and allowing our energy to contribute. Look, I know I am rambling here but bare with me. This is not one of those well thought out J.P. emails or articles. I am just speaking from the heart and feel real good about what is going on here. Oh, check this out. I received a call from an agent yesterday letting me know that he was able to negotiate a solid relationship with another agent that was previous strained. He said he was able to affect a positive outcome because of something directly posted into our forum and my first thought was “wow, its working. It’s really working! This is what it’s all about!” I was so thrilled for the both of them. And to me, that was confirmation that our mission to build the bridges is working block by block. Just thinking out loud here….To me, money is very important, of course it is and believe me we enjoy money…….but when you can marry the profit incentive to do doing good work at the core of what drives one, well, that’s just so good……it makes it all worth it. Thanks Suzanne Bandick, we got the secret!

Now, I know we have a long way to go to realize the mission but the train has left the station and it’s moving forward folks. Our podcasts are working, our MLS 4 Riviera Maya is doing so fabulous with 26 agents signed up and over 340 listings posted. Our weekly news story “This Week in Real Estate” is becoming a staple for agents to read and use for their own community knowledge, and did you see our video of the party? Yeah, hey…..that was fun plus I think it adds some pizzazz to a very serous business that is filled with some great people of character and some that just are characters! Just Kidding Jorge!

Okay, what else, um………I am just so pleased with it all……..we have new agents signing up this week as we continue forward to do good and live well. It’s great living in Paradise! Wishing all the very best success……, I need some coffee plus Betty was up all night with our daughter who had fever……got to get her some breakfast. Cheers!

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